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Kanagamani Hospital the top most hospital in Ramnad started in January 1984 with 24 beds as a Multi Speciality Center, offers the best possible facilities and services to the patients at an affordable cost. For the past 25 years of successful service, Kanagamani Hospital the best of all the other hospitals in Ramnad has gained excellent progress in its growth and it has renewed itself efficiently and being strengthened gradually. The Kanagamani Hospital a 24 hrs multi speciality hospital and is one of the top hospitals situated in the heart of Ramanathapuram City close to Bus Stand, located in quite ambient atmosphere. This helps the patients easily accessible from any part of the city in the event of emergency.

The Kanagamani Hospital a multi speciality hospital in Ramnad occupies 15,000sq.ft. area, which has been carefully allotted to the medical and surgical departments. The hospital is managed by a set of dedicated doctors, who are present round the clock. The staffs in Kanagamani Hospital the top most hospital in Ramnad are highly trained to act promptly during emergency situations. We believe for any management of a patient, thorough diagnosis is a first step and there are no short cut solutions to any problem. The Kanagamani Hospital a multispecialty hospital and the best hospital in Ramnad offer a multi disciplinary integrated approach which enables to provide the best service to our patients. We truly believe the world is our extended family - something our patients can warmly affirm.

The staff’s computer literacy enables us to deliver results at a faster pace. The availability of -Art Equipments and Trained Staff, Dedicated Nurses, Attendants and Doctors vouch for the importance to each patient. An efficient administrative systems and procedures are laid down to ensure 24x7 supports to all the departments.